Friday, May 19, 2017

The end of the beginning of 2017

After we left Cedar Key we stayed in Hudson, FL for a week. We didn't find much to do and it was still busy because of Spring Break. We went to Tarpoon Springs, Fred Howard Park,Craig Park, Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park and the Sponge Docks. We did a little bit of driving around but it was just too busy so we stayed in a lot.
 Sponge Docks
 Went here and they were doing construction so we didn't stay and check it out.
Got to see manatees at Craig Park. We just stopped to look and they were everywhere.
Went to Fred Howard Park, we have been here before with the kids, but we forgot how big it was and how beautiful.

Then we headed back to Georgia for a week. We of course had to go to Skipper's Fish Camp and Jekyll Island. We also went to St. Simon Island and Brunswick. We also did some Geocaching on Jekyll Island.
 St. Simon Island Lighthouse.
 We went around and see all the must see attractions on the Island.
We went around St. Simons Island and found the tree spirits which was neat to see the different faces carved in the trees and trying to find them.
We seen the Avenue of the Oaks which is beautiful. A must see!
 They were having and air show the weekend we were there at the Brunswick airport. We stopped to watch during their practice.
This is the Love Oaks in Brunswick, not in the good side of town but a neat tree to find.
 I thought this was neat how the tree grew over the road.
A charter vessel that was built in Brazil but looks like a pirate ship. It was brought to Brunswick and was finished being built and eventually sailed in 2008.
 This was an old crab boat and now it is used for shark research and has appeared on TV. Louie talked to the guy for a little while and got info on what all they do.
 The many times we have been to Jekyll Island and we didn't even know about Driftwood Beach. It is so neat and a must see.
 Louie standing under a tree that had uprooted on Driftwood Beach.
This is at Cannon Point Reserve on St. Simons Island. We plan on going back when we can walk the trail to see more of the history that goes along with it.
 Monument at Bloody Marsh Battle Site on St. Simon Island.
 Our first cach on Jekyll Island. We decided to rent bikes to ride around on the island while we geocached. Little did we know we would end up riding 11 miles. But it was fun anyway even though we found out how out of shape we were.
 We went over to Fort Stewart to see the 3rd ID museum we tried to see last year that was no where to be found. It was very neat as well, but they were still doing some more additions to it.
 Louie was with 3ID when he deployed to Macedonia (his first deployment as a young whippersnapper).
 We thought this was cool because Colton has a helmet like this without the trench art on it.
After our week on the Georgia coast we headed to Pigeon Forge to meet up with Jordan, Nick and Brinlee for a week before heading home for the summer.
 We checked out the Alcatraz museum by the Island in Pigeon Forge. It is a must see if you are interested in stuff like that.
 They had history in there about Indiana.
 This was painted on the wall but looked like you could just walk straight in.
 The Island at Pigeon Forge. We ate at Paula Dean's Restaurant while we were there, it was good but a lot of food.
 Brinlee was so cute imitating Duke. She was even trying to wag her tail.
 The first day the kids were there we went to Dollywood. Louie stayed at the trailer with the dogs. Way too many people for him. The only thing Brinlee wanted to do was ride the carousel. But we finally was able to get her to ride other rides too.
 Took a ride on the train.

Took them to Dixie Stampede the next day and Brinlee got her face painted as a princess.

 We took Brinlee putt putting. She had fun but really didn't get the concept of it.
 Jordan and I took Brinlee to Ripley's Aquarium. We took the boat ride first and by the time we were done the aquarium was packed and really couldn't enjoy it.

 Had to go get spaghetti ice cream on the Island.
 We took Brinlee to Build a Bear on the Island and she picked out a cat of course and she named him Boots.
 Went to Dick's Last Resort so we could finally say we went. And our waitress nailed my saying on my hat. We weren't going to walk around Gatlinburg after we ate but the rain finally stopped and so we looked around for a little while.
Our last day in Pigeon Forge we just ate. We went out to breakfast and then to the Old Mill for supper. It was rainy and cold. Heading home and Duke had to sit on Brinlee and of course he has to lick. You can see his tongue in action.
When we got home we colored Easter eggs with Brinlee but forgot to get pictures of the eggs and how we did it. But we used shaving cream and food coloring hence the rubber gloves.

 Brinlee hunting her Easter Eggs. For a couple weeks she thought when she came over she was going to get to hunt them every time.
 We have became bird watchers and thoroughly are enjoying all the birds that come. We have had a wide variety of them over the weeks and got new bird feeder and different kinds of seeds to attract more kinds of birds. We have had 2 different kinds of woodpeckers, a nuthatcher, doves, cowbirds, and many other colorful varieties.

 Lilly enjoys the birds too.

 We took a drive over to the big John Deere store and let Brinlee get on some of the big tractors.

Now up to date.  We took Brinlee to the Columbian Park Zoo and then over to Frozen Custard. We are hoping to have lots of short adventures this summer so hopefully we will have a more exciting summer then last year. Only if it ever warms up. It has been nothing but either cold, raining, or windy. I'm ready for some warmth and sun.
Last thing we done was go do the Garfield Trail here in Indiana. Jim Davis is from Marion, IN and they have Gardield statues around the area to find. We are missed 4 out of the 12. But we were able to find most of them and Brinlee enjoyed it for the most part.

And I've added a new hobby (well attempting a new hobby), decorating cakes and cookies.

Happy Camping and Geocaching!!!