Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Carrabelle and Cedar Key, FL 2016-2017

Not a whole lot to report while we were in Carrabelle this year. We stayed from November to March. We had already done everything last year while we were there so we didn't have much to do but hang out. Plus I was working on getting my foot fixed so I really couldn't be too active during the healing process (still working on getting it fixed but it is much better then it was). I spent a lot of time crafting on my Cricut and making tutu's for Brinlee. We went home for Christmas. I just couldn't be away from Brinlee at Christmas, she is at such a fun age right now. And spent a lot of time on FaceTime with her. She takes us with her everywhere she goes and plays with us. She gets mad when she has to hang up, and it makes me sad.
We took Frank and Nancy to Tyndall Air Force base so Frank could see the planes and get his haircut. He was like a little kid.

 Went to Wakulla Springs to see the manatee's on a morning when it was in the 30's. We got to see several and they were mating that is why they were so active when we were there. I was so happy to be able to see them. Last year there wasn't any to see when we went.
 We found a boardwalk in Apalachicola that takes you out to the river. It was a nice peaceful walk out to the end.
We walked on the beach at St. George Island State Park many times to find shells. On one of our walks we found this carved in the sand. We also found a good spot to find sand dollars (little ones but was able to find a lot this year). Louie surf fished and I looked for shells and sand dollars.
 Took Frank and Nancy out to Tate's Hell to a boardwalk that overlooks the river between Eastpoint and Apalachicola. Beautiful view!
 One Sunday we checked out the Maritime Museum in Apalachicola. The area had a sponge industry at one time along with their logging industry and oyster/fishing industry. The area has a lot of history and that is what we like to see on our travels.

 Some boats at the museum.
My cousins, Kenny and Jeanne from Colorado, were staying in Panama City for a couple of months and drove over to see us for a few hours. We had a wonderful visit on a beautiful day.
Kelly came and visited us too for a couple days. We took her to all our favorite areas in the short time she was visiting. (Wakulla Springs, Leon Sinks, Sopchoppy Pizza, Carrabelle Junction, and St. George Island State Park).
 We drove over to Panama City one day to kill some time. It was a beautiful day and wasn't real busy yet due to the Spring Breakers coming soon.
 We got up early one morning to drive over to St. George Island to the east end to see the sunrise. It was a little chilly but it was beautiful.
 We started a new hobby when we don't have anything else to do. Geocaching!! This is our first find in Apalachicola at Up the Creek Restaurant. This will be something I will start including in by blog from now on. We are really enjoying it and it takes you places you wouldn't normally go and you see things that aren't in your normal route. The caches come in all different sizes and difficulties. We have found many different types so far in the little time we have been doing it (we've found 42 so far and a handful we weren't able to find). We have also purchased our trinket to include in the caches when we find one we can put it in and exchange. We are looking forward to taking the kids with us when we can. It is a great family activity and I hope this will encourage some of our friends to start getting out and doing this too. It is one way to spend quality time together with your spouse, kids. and friends. You won't be disappointed on the hunting and treasures you will find. We are still new at it and still learning but once we learn new things I will include that in the blogs.
 This is our first micro caches we found. It took us a while to find it but once we figured out there was something that didn't belong we figured out that it was the cache.
 This is a location we wouldn't have found if we wouldn't have been geocaching. It was really pretty and the roots from the trees were neat(it was like this all the way down the beach). We look forward to all the new places we will go while geocaching, even at home. We wouldn't believe that they are right in front of you in places you go all the time but they are hidden so good that you wouldn't even notice them there. I don't know how many times we had been to some of the places we found some and just walked by them and had no idea. One in particular was at the bathroom at St. George Island State Park. This spot is where we would always go to walk the beach until we got a pass to go all the way to the east end of the park but would still stop there to use the bathroom before going on down.
 They had Fort Gordon Johnston Day/Parade while we were still there. We were in the parade last year but chose not to participate this year. They had a fly-in with some planes and helicopters from the era of WWII and many other vehicles. This is the replica of the plane (from the movie) Amelia Earhart flew.
 A vehicle in the parade I thought was interesting.
We had lunch with some of our friend from the campground at the Blue Parrott on the Island. We always have a good time with this bunch of people. They are all family to us and love them all. We had a Low Country Boil the last night we were in Carrabelle thanks to all our wonderful friends/family at the campground and it was wonderful food.
 Louie had me drive to our next stop in Cedar Key, FL. I drove more then half the way, it was mostly a straight drive for me so nothing too difficult other then going through a town with several lights and turning into the campground itself but we made it with no incidents.
 We drove over to Cedar Key to check it out at night. It shuts down early for it having mostly bars on Dock Street.
 Some pelicans and water turkeys at Cedar Key.
 Drove over to Manatee Springs this morning after we had breakfast at Holey Moley Donuts and more at Cedar Key. The water was so clear and such pretty colors. It was pretty chilly this morning too and was hoping to see some manatees but didn't see any up in the spring.
These are cypress trees that we walked through on the boardwalk out to Suwannee River at the end of the spring.
Got to the end of the boardwalk and there were about 20 manatees. I almost thought we might have driven all the way over there for nothing other then the park/spring itself. But they were there and I was so happy.
There is a lot more we want to see here in this area so we are adding it to our stops on our way south for the winter. We didn't do any geocaching because we are going to save it for when we come back and we were only here for 2 nights. Heading to Hudson, FL in the morning after we change a tire on the trailer. We found a bulge in one and don't want to take any chances of a blow out on the way to our next stop. We will get it fixed once we get to Hudson. We will be busy the next 3 weeks beings we will be in some new locations so I should have more to blog about in the days to come. I hope everyone is still following me even though I haven't blogged in a while but really haven't had anything to share. I hope we do this year so I will keep you updated as we go.

Happy Camping and Geocaching!!!

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